La Lotería de Tu Madre

Personal Project:"The Lottery of Your Mama"


"The Lottery of Your Mama" Cardboard 1 and 2 in limited edition.  

What happens when you see Your Mother beyond all the imposed and/or assumed social roles she has been subconsciously forced to follow, and recognize her as the free and autonomous human being she is? 

Given the patriarchal nature that prevails in our society, the roles or vital stereotypes of the figure of "Your Mama", have mutated from a natural maternal desire to a forced social imposition, where she is forced to comply with nonnegotiable requirements regarding the care of her Children, relationships and social behavior. Failure to do so, results in recrimination, harassment, guilty feelings and in many cases, physical violence. In the "Lottery of Your Mama", the visual link of the "Punching Bag", represents the implicit violence of this situation. The graphical guiding thread, is woven through the latin Mexican lottery,  manifesting the fact that, although not all mamas suffer from this accumulation of demands, almost none is saved from any, and therefore there is seldom a free and autonomous mother.

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