About me

Juan Pablo Canale

Ilustrador de marca y Editorial

Visual Artist

I was Born In Guatemala City and moved to Antigua more than 15 years ago. I am a self taught artist.  Since I remember, Art has been my life coping mechanism.  I do it professionally since 2004, and through my work, I  share the magic that kept me healthy my whole life.

Drawing sparks my creative flow, but I thrive on detail, humor and color.  Throughout understanding  the value of cooperation, I have developed a unique way of communicating with my clients, using empathy, listening skills and direction, as the basic path to approach each project. 

My creative process -once a clear brief is acknowledged-  starts with investigation, then turns to playful drawing, and ends in I letting go. This way I allow the universe and my subconscious to suggest Ideas that later are put in paper.