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El Mercado

Oil on Canvas, 274*216 cm

"El Mercado" or The Market, was a very challenging project. I was commissioned by an art collector in Mexico City to make a big sized painting of a Guatemalan Market. That was all he asked for. He collects Markets around the world, interpreted by different local artists. After months of going around in circles on how to approach this project, one early morning I woke up with an image I knew had to be portrayed in this piece. Half asleep, in a small piece of paper, I vaguely rendered what it suggested. That same morning, trying to be faithful to the dream, I went on an image hunt to the huge market in Antigua Guatemala, to find pieces of what that image suggested. I took as many photographs as my camera could take, to later create a photo collage to bring this piece to reality. This is my interpretation of the magical and chaotic side of a Guatemalan Market, where the colors are purposely  left out in order to show the functional-chaotic nature of the market and my culture. I used The golden rule ratio and different elements to keep the eye circling around the painting, making it easy to navigate comfortably for a long time.

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