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El Gallo (The Cock).

Roosters, hens and chickens are animals that in latin culture -and many others- represent a myriad of things, depending on the context; from sustenance to sacredness, insults to flattery,  philosophical conundrums to simple party props. They are very powerful birds (that can not fly) and also colorful icons (in every sense of the word), that everyone can relate to. They have lived close to humans for most of our civilized life. All this proximity plus their physical beauty, has led me to use "The Cock" as a visual element to explore many of my artistic ventures. 

Collection : PATAFISICA, "The Excpetion of The Rule"

Guatemalan Embassy in Dominican Republic 2011

Collection : "The Cock" A collection of minuature Cocks.

Antigua Guatemala 2010

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