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The Fellowship Of The Ring

Client: Guatemala city Municipality

Guatemala City 2014

In the Year 2014 I was commissioned by the Municipality of Guatemala City, to Paint live a big (260*210 cm) piece.  The event was going to be at public places like Shopping malls and others of the sort. The resulting piece, was going to be shown in many other different public places around the city, The theme was open.  I thought this was a powerful opportunity to share some awareness. To do so, I used the analogy of The Lord of the Rings, where Saruman -from Mordor- gives the different worlds, rings with the illusion of power, only to keep to himself one to rule them all.  The rest is self explanatory. The Slogans of each brand in Spanish translate like this: Monosodio: 20 reasons to over-eat, NonSanto: 20 tools to prosper, Malbrother: 20 friends to hook you up, and Mordor: 1 ring to rule them all. For this work I received a recognition by the then major of Guatemala city, Alvaro Arzú. 

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