UN Development Goals

Client: PNUD with CFCE Antigua


Is it necessary to apply the U.N. Development Goals in Guatemala?  That inquiry led me to create this collection.

In 2016, I was hired by PNUD and The Cooperación Española of Antigua Guatemala to Illustrate my opinion on the reality of my country, according to the UN Development goals.  Due to the political nature of this project and since I´ve learned to be very mind-full when emitting an opinion about religion, sports or politics, I decided -with this work- and in order to function as a "Social Mirror"(with a hint of my opinion), to use the different official newspapers of Guatemala as creative and research material. After months of exhaustive and emotionally challenging research, I made this collection of illustrated collages, of the result of this research and how deep it permeated me in a subconscious level.  Here are the ones I presented: (The other ones were made by my  colleague, Ana Cristina Garcia-Cabezas which are not presented here). 

It's worth mentioning that the work was to be exhibited for 2 months in museum, but due to their popularity, it stayed for 6 and now travels around the country in universities and others, as a social sensitizing and discussion visual tool. Some of my original images were censored, to then be opened to public and cause more of a powerful impact and value.